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Enhancements for SLVR โ€“ FSX/P3D

Living Airports Enhancements for SLVR FSX P3D provides Dynamic Lights and SODE Jetways to SLVR airport, has been optimized to work with LATINVFR – SANTA CRUZ VIRU VIRU SLVR FS9 FSX P3D however could work on another scenery too.

SODE Jetways for SLVR has been developed from scratch, not GSX profile or GSX Jetway, only for SLVR airport.

Powered by SODE, now you can turn off dynamic lights or even change the color to white or yellow by just using SODE menu, no need to close the simulator.

SODE can be downloaded for free in the following link:


– SODE Jetways for SLVR (Compatible with AI Traffic).

– Dynamic Lights for SLVR (P3Dv4 only).

– Switch beetwen white or yellow light colors (you can use both if you want).

– Frame rate friendly.

– Automatic Installation.

– Configuration Tool to backup and restore files.

– GSX not required but compatible.